Professional Experience       

n  Performed a project from Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs for smart e-bus project (battery swappable electric bus with quick top pick-up (QTP) module and quick change module (QCM)) (2012)

n  Designed and implemented the Supervisory Control Algorithm for Commuter Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle based on Fuel Cell Power Generation

n  Developed Hybrid Electric Vehicle simulation models to optimize the fuel consumption level at electric power generation device, such as IC Engine/Generator and Fuel Cell, while satisfying vehicle driving conditions (Charge-Sustaining and Charge-Depleting mode of operations)

n  Developed the proof of concept vehicle of Plug-in Hybrid Fuel Cell NEV with an air-cooled PEMFC power system, NiMH battery modules and a bidirectional DC/DC converter fully integrated with a 3.5 kW Neighborhood Electric Vehicle

n  Developed Systematic Hybrid Electric Powertrain Sizing Models mainly to optimize the powertrain topology and its components sizing based on the characteristic of the driving patterns as well as on the requirements for the intended vehicle through the simulation of power and energy statistics implied by such patterns of usage

n  Developed a mini-scale Eco-System model consisting of a (1) EV, (2) a residential electric load profile, (3) a wind turbine, (4) photovoltaic panels, (5) batteries for residential applications, i.e. for residential load, location based hourly, daily and seasonal fluctuations were considered, for wind turbine, location based hourly wind speed data were included, for the performance of the Photo-Voltaic arrays, hourly overall solar radiation, consisting of direct normal, diffuse and ground reflected components were taken into account

n  Performed the systematic large scale analysis about the importance of Plug-in EV/HEV in the US Smart Grid Perspective

n  Designed and Implemented the Full Scale Power Electronics and Energy Storage Devices Evaluation Lab at Center for Automotive Research including (1) AMREL 70W high voltage programmable electric load and programmable electric power supply and 4 cu ft environmental chamber (-73 C~ 170 C) mainly used for full scale battery and super capacitor pack characterization and testing (2) Enova +/- 20 kW programmable DC/DC high voltage converter with embedded PC controller, Maxwell high voltage super capacitor and NiMH high voltage battery pack mainly used for HEV/EV energy management and supervisory control algorithm development and experimental validation (3) various in-house built high voltage and high current electric junction boxes and controllers.

n  Implemented Battery Module Test System fully integrated with AMREL 1.5 kW low voltage (up to 40V) programmable load and power supply, custom Peltier junction battery fixtures with feedback controller to tightly monitor and control cell temperature, PC based data acquisition and monitoring system for battery module aging assessment mainly used for characterization of battery aging in HEV/EV applications

n  Developed super capacitor characterization system to understand what effects electrical and thermal behavior and to develop a mathematical model which predicts the electrical and thermal behavior of single cell (under HEV/EV operating conditions such as extreme temperature, -20C ~ 40C, dynamic high current loading cycle (<200A), narrow SOC cycling (50~100%), continuous duty cycle)

n  Developed supervisory control algorithm for three way hybrid electric vehicle involving Solar Cell, Super Capacitor and conventional battery system through the energy management model simulation mimicking the short range neighborhood driving operations

n  Performed various types of HEV/PHEV battery performance tests and battery aging tests for companies including Caterpillar, TACOM/TARDEC, Magna, Ford and GM

n  Participated in the development of system specification and requirement for Dual Mechanical Port Motor with Z source inverter system to eliminate Toyota owned power split device, a core of power hybridization technology and to remove DC/DC booster converter in the front end of motor inverter used in typical HEV/PHEV applications